Business & Technology Strategy: Organizations either have a strategy or don’t. Whether there is an existing strategy that needs a health and viability assessment or full-cycle strategy development, Ignite Consults LLC can provide former and current executives to partner alongside you to ensure that your objectives are understood, communicated, and met.

Change Management: Simply put, people are resistant to change; but it is necessary in order for businesses to survive. IGNITE Consults can perform change management services to ensure that change is not just accepted, but adopted. We understand employees are resistant to change, at IGNITE consults, we learn and understanding the work environment that enable us understand how best to introduce change if need be, perhaps to avoid job insecurity of employees and unnecessary fear a major change resistant.

Enterprise Solutions: Current state assessments, Solution recommendations & selection, Enterprise & Technology Architecture

Finance: Whether you are focusing on top-line or bottom-line growth, or both, IGNITE CONSULTS can help you grow your business, make smart financial decisions for capital investments, and allocate resources to meet your objectives.

Fractional C-Suite: Companies often require C-Suite capability, but cannot afford or need a full-time capability. We provide fractional C-Suite professionals to deliver the right level of service that you need without the risk or expense of a full-time resource.

Globalization: IGNITE Consults have the brightest minds in Maryland when it comes to globalizing businesses. Our consultants have lived and worked on five different continents to build and meet globalization strategies and objectives.

Application Development: At IGNITE consult, we focus on bringing you a stress free, dynamic and responsive application, and promise to continue building compact features as technology changes.

Strategic Planning & Execution: Project and Portfolio analysis and management, IT Architecture and Vendor Management/Sourcing

Information Systems & Strategy Assessment: identifying performance improvement opportunities including cost reduction, risk mitigation and innovation.
Systems Support and Outsourcing
Web & Telecommunications Services
Data: Data warehouse/Business Intelligence implementations, assessments and strategy

Process Improvement: assessing the current state of your operations, technology or support services and driving business transformation, change management and cost reducing initiatives